Saturday, November 6, 2010

Two Awards in One Day!

Awwww, I'm feeling the love!  Two sensational blogging buddies have bestowed awards to me and my blog today!  Thanks girls!  I love you both!

First up was Marlene's award...
If you've never been to Marlene's blog, Disguised as a Grown-Up, you have no idea what you're missing!  She is a riot and I love her to pieces!  :O)

Second was Lee's award...
Lee from Stamping with Grandma Lee is the sweetest lady around.  Always there to lend a hand or give out a comment that makes ya feel good!

Do you think they are telling me something with the attitude awards?  LOL!  Both of these required me to tell you all 3 things that make me different and nominate 5 blogs.  Here goes.

1)  I love tattoos and I {technically}have 10 of them!  Hush!
2)  I can go outside for 15 minutes and get a sunburn.
3)  I have a half brother that I've never met.  :o(

Since EACH award is to nominate 5 blogs, here are 10.
My Blog Has Attitude Award:
1)  My Blog by Kellie
2)  Deconstructing Jen
3)Dar's Crafty Creations
4)  Stephanne Blogging?
5)Snappy Stampin with Arielle

 I Got the Attitude Award:
1)  Creepy Glowbugg
2)  In My Quiet Time
3)  Anita Be Stampin
4)  Where'd All My Money Go
5)  The Scrap Happy Witch

9 comments from friends:

The Paper Princess said...

Congrats Lelia - well deserved - have a wonderful weekend!


grandmalee said...

I see I'm not the only one that thought you deserved an award! I guess I agree with Marlene in more ways than one! You definately deserve this, but now you led me to some more blogs that I had yet to visit! Oh well, I guess I'll be going through some of their old projects & do some more CASing tonight!

Ms. Jen said...

Congrats sweetie! You deserve it. That reminds me I have a couple to give out myself!

Nicole said...

Comgrats on your Attitude...coming from thats saying something!

grandmalee said...
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Tammy said...

Yeah Lelia!

Anita said...

Way to go, Lelia! Your attitude rocks, girlfriend! :) Also...thank you! ;)

Marlene said...

From one badass to another! HA HA HA!!! You totally deserve it girly!

And I love ya, too!!! xoxoxox

stephanne said...

You suppose they are saying you are one sassy lass??? Those 3 things you mentioned are the same for me, except for the half brother part, though there are rumors of an "illigitimate" sibling amoungst my sleepy desert hometown, only time will tell..... 10 tattoodles, sunburn in the blink of an eye, Summer comes around and I am pretty much condemned to my house!!

Well, thank you kindly for the award, now I admittedly stink at reposting and repassing, but I am nevertheless VERY APPRECIATIVE that you thought of me!!

HUGE cyber hugs,