Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kenny K DT Call & an Award!

First up, wish me luck!  I have decided to apply for the DT at Kenny K's...check out their challenge blog!  I absolutely love the fun, sassy and sexy images!  I would keel over out of my chair if I were to be picked!  LOL!  It did say to post 2 pics, but it's a hard decision...sassier or sweeter?  I've added 2 of each, but know I really CAN follow directions!  :O)

I got this fab award from Kellie, the Tickled Pink Waffler herself!  I'm so flattered that she thought of me!

By accepting this award I must complete the following tasks:
1) Thank and link back to the person who awarded me.  Kellie Winnell is the bestest new bloggy friend you could ever hope to make!  Quite the doll and I love our little gossip sessions!  Thank you SO MUCH, Kellie, my favey redheaded Aussie!

2) Share 8 things about myself.
I am a Diet Coke addict.  Coffee?  EWWWWWWWWWW!
I love tattoos...if you don't like them, don't look!
I 'm a natural redhead.
I gotta have my music!
I have an obsession with tweezers...that's all I'm going to say.
I love Halloween!  It's my fave holiday of all!
I have a phobia of snakes!  It doesn't matter if they're babies and non-poisonous or not...you wanna see a chubby girl run REALLY fast?  *shudder* 
I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches. 

3) Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered.

4) Contact bloggers to let them know about the award…. 

18 comments from friends:

Laurel said...

I LOVE these cards, good luck!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

Hey girlie ... GOOD LUCK with the DT app. THANKS so much for thinking of ME for this award .. I accept it proudly!!

Graphicat said...

Ooooh, I've been sittin on the fence, holdin myself back from trying out for the DT....Good luck! They'd be so lucky to have ya! Awesome cards!! Love the pink one specially!!! ;o)

Debra said...

Your cards are beautiful, Good Luck

Ms. Jen said...

OMG! I'm rollin laughin at your answers to those questions!! Thanks for the award sweetie. Now I have work to do. I'll get it done in the next couple days...really! LOL Tattoo's - ? - LOVE THEM! You should see my hubby. Tweezers, mmmmmm, you better fill me in one day. Or maybe not.......LOL Have a great night!


Ms. Jen said...

I got carried away and forgot to tell you Good Luck on the Kenny K DT. You definitely deserve it. Keepin my fingers crossed for ya!

Trina said...

Good luck! I absolutely love the girl on the fence...

Jacque said...

Gosh...sweetie..I am amazed that you selected me!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Big hugs...Jacque

Marlene said...

Oh you are SO RIGHT. COFFEE is EEEWWWWWWWW!!!! Almost as bad as SNAKES!

Marlene said...

P.S. Your cards are FABBY!!! LOVE the hair in the first one!

kc71595 said...

Aww! Thank you so much, Lelia! I am SO honored! This is my very first award! lol, that being said, I have no idea what to do next! {blush}

I LOVE all your cards! LOVE that color streaks in the first two's hair! I used to have a bright pink streak in mine, but it grew out :(
Good luck on the DT call! You totally deserve it! You RAWK girl!

Mrs Weyremaster said...

Good Luck for the DT, your cards are awesome, just like you :)

Tammy said...

Amazing cards Lelia, you would be my very first choice. You go girl!

Dorcas said...

Hi Lelia! Thanks so much, I'm honored. :-)
You do great work, I bet KK would love to have you on their team! All the best!

Flip-Flop Creations said...

Great cards Lelia!! You are such a busy girl! ~jeni :)

grandmalee said...

I can tell you really want this gig....these cards are fantabulous!!!! The hair is so perfect on the first, your colors and coloring are up to their usual perfection, and your layouts are awesome! WOW! They would be nuts not to pick you for the DT!!!! I love seeing what you do with everyone else's images, but I'm sure you'd rock these Kenny K ones all over the place!!!!

Tweezers? Maybe some things are better left unsaid! LOL

Tracy S said...

Good luck Lelia! These cards are awesome and they would be blessed to have you on their team!

Anonymous said...

Oh girl...all of your cards are so fabby hun!! They're NUTS if they don't pick you!! :)