Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a Wiener!

Good morning everyone!  Just a very quick post this morning, as I am VERY close to heading out on my road trip with my good friend, the CHA Super Show!  WOOT!  Wish us luck since we both seem to get lost going around the block.  ;O)

Today's card is made using Doxie by Wink Wink Ink.  What a cutie this dog is!  My sister has had a dachshund for years...when I say "a", what I really mean is 3 or 4.  Long hair or short, that is her dog of choice.  Luckily, this doggie doesn't bark!  I felt the need for a snarky sentiment when I printed this out the other day.  Just wait until someone is being a wiener...they're SO getting this card!  ;O)

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5 comments from friends:

Rhonda Miller said...

Oh how cute. I just love your card.

Karen Wilson said...

This is so cute! We have one too but she barks ALL the time. I'd rather have this one! LOL! Have a great trip!

Marlene said...

What an adorable card! Beth would LOVE this...she has a real life Doxie. :)

Have fun at CHA!

Anita said...

Super duper cute Lelia! You're a real weiner! Love ya! LOL :)

Heather the MooseLover said...

I love your card- especially how you colored the dog and shaded around him.