Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Good afternoon all!  I just wanted to pop in and tell you about a new site I saw...if you are into shooting vids, editing vids or making little movies and such, this site is definitely for you!  Introducing...VIDEEZY!  I use a sister site called Brusheezy and it is FABULOUS!

Videezy is a community that provides a place for professional and amateur videographers to download and share free HD stock video footage and free b-roll footage with each other. All the video clips you will find here are HD quality and completely free to use in your projects. Shared under a Creative Commons license or part of the public domain. To get started, may I suggest you create an account  or you can learn more by checking out the site HERE!

I went over to Videezy to check it out to satisfy my artistic (or nosy...whichever) side.  I found some very cool videos hiding over there.  One that caught my eye was called Goldfish in a Wine Glass.  It's one of the featured videos, so it's not too hard to fins, but it is shot very well.  It reminds me of one of the Baby Einstein videos.  Another one that I had to watch was called Crane Roost.  The beginning of this video was very interesting to watch.  The crane's head didn't look like it was moving...funny, but interesting creature!  My fave of the videos I watched?  Free Stadium and Clouds Time Lapse.  WOW!  What a cool effect!  They must have had the camera set up to record most of the day.  If I knew a thing about making and/or editing vids, this would be one I would use!  I can totally see it as an intro to my Kansas City Chiefs starting line-up or something!

Thanks so much for stopping in!  MWAH!!!

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